April 28, 2019

Pattana Sports Resort, Thailand


X-COUNTRY TRIIB OBSTACLE RACE 2019 is coming this April.

Race Day : Sunday 28th April 2019

  • 8.5KM - Solo Elite Open Category
  • 8.5KM - Solo Age Group Category
  • 17KM - Solo Open Category
  • 8.5KM - Team of 4

See you at Pattana Golf Club & Resort, Chonburi.

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ครอส คันทรี่ ไทร้บ ออปสตาเคิล เรซ 2019 

การแข่งขันวิ่งผ่าด่านที่มันส์ที่สุด กับเส้นทางภายในพัฒนากอล์ฟคลับ แอนด์ รีสอร์ท และด่านใหม่สุดท้าท้าย

เลือกระยะที่ใช่ แล้วไปลุยกัน!! 

  • 8.5กม. แข่งขันเดี่ยว ประเภทมืออาชีพ โอเพ่น
  • 8.5กม. แข่งขันเดี่ยว ประเภทกลุ่มอายุ
  • 17กม. แข่งขันเดี่ยว ประเภทโอเพ่นทั่วไป
  • 8.5กม. แข่งขันเป็นทีม ทีมละ 4 คน

แล้วเจอกันที่ พัฒนา กอล์ฟคลับ แอนด์ รีสอร์ท ศรีราชา ชลบุรี! 




The booking facility for our Official Hotel is now available! Book your hotel near the start and finish line!

Special Rates

  • Basic Apartment THB 900/Night
  • Mansion Standard Room THB 1,600/Night
  • Hotel Deluxe Room THB 2,600/Night
  • Villa for 4 person THB 4,350/Night
  • Villa for 5 person THB 4,850/Night
  • Villa for 6 person THB 5,650 /Night


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Valid 27 - 28 April 2019


  • Rates are for one night, single or twin occupancy. Additional person charge at THB800 net
  • Above rates are net inclusive of service charge and VAT
  • Rates are including buffet breakfast at the Persimmon Restaurant.
  • Late check out until 18.00hrs free of charge


หมดปัญหาเรื่องการจองที่พักในช่วงการแข่งขัน คลิกที่นี่ เพื่อจองห้องพักที่ พัฒนา กอล์ฟคลับ แอนด์ รีสอร์ท

Special Rates

  • อพาร์ทเมนท์ คืนละ 900 บาท
  • แมนชั่น ห้องมาตรฐาน คืนละ 1,600 บาท
  • โรงแรม ห้องดีลักซ์ คืนละ 2,600 บาท
  • วิลล่า 1 หลังสำหรับ 4 ท่าน คืนละ 4,350 บาท
  • วิลล่า 1 หลังสำหรับ 5 ท่าน คืนละ 4,850 บาท
  • วิลล่า 1 หลังสำหรับ 6 ท่าน คืนละ 5,650 บาท

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** สำหรับการเข้าพักวันที่ 27 - 28 เมษายน 2562 เท่านั้น **


  • เป็นราคาสำหรับการเข้าพักไม่เกิน 2 ท่าน ต่อห้อง ต่อ 1 คืนเท่านั้น หากต้องการเพิ่มจำนวนผู้เข้าพักต่อห้องจะมีค่าบริการ 800 บาทต่อท่าน
  • ราคาข้างต้นรวมภาษีมูลค่าเพิ่มและเซอร์วิสชาร์จแล้ว
  • ราคานี้รวมอาหารเช้าแบบบุฟเฟ่ต์ ณ ห้องอาหารเพอร์ซิมม่อน
  • แจ้งเช็คเอาท์ได้ถึงเวลา 18.00น โดยไม่มีค่าใช้จ่ายเพิ่มเติม



Meeting point
08:30 - 10:30
Receive equipment
14:31 - 16:31
Start to start
14:32 - 19:32
Meeting point

Rules & Regulations


Section 1.01 SCOPE

These Competitor Rules & Regulations ("Rules") are set forth by TRIIB and apply to all TRIIB races. These Rules are binding to all participants of any TRIIB event in a wave deemed as competitive, generally considered the Elite and Age Group waves.


Section 1.02 PURPOSE

These Rules are designed to provide a consistent standard to allow athletes to participate in TRIIB Events in a standardized manner. The Rules are intended:

(a) to protect the health, safety, and well-being of participants as much as possible; and (b) to promote and maintain sportsmanship, equal opportunity and fair play among all competitors; and (c) to promote the integrity of TRIIB events and athletes.


For any particular event, a race director may make specific exceptions or additions to these Rules. These changes or additions may be announced via verbal or written race day instructions given in pre-race emails, pre-race briefings, or by volunteers and/or race marshals.



No person shall participate in TRIIB events unless such person: (a) Is trained adequately for that specific event, as might be expected of a prudent person entering a similar competition; and (b) Is in excellent health, based on recent training, physical examinations, if any, and generally accepted standards of good health.

Section 2.02 ELITE COMPETITION (a) All Elite athletes are expected to follow all of the rules set forth in this book and participate in a competitive manner. (b) Failure to comply with the rules set forth in this book will result in Disqualification (DQ) from the event. (c) Failure to start in your assigned start time will result in DQ from the wave.


Section 2.03 Age Group COMPETITION

(a) All Age Group athletes must participate and compete in the Age Group division corresponding to the athlete's age on the day of the event. (b) All Age Group athletes are expected to follow all of the rules set forth in these Rules & Regulations and participate in a competitive manner. (c) Failure to comply with the rules set forth in these Rules & Regulations will result in DQ from the event. (d) Failure to start in your assigned start time will result in DQ.



At or during an event, or while at the event site, all participants must: (a) Act in compliance with these Rules & Regulations; (b) Conduct themselves in a manner that is not offensive in any way to fellow participants, spectators, staff or volunteers and is considered reasonable and acceptable in the community; (c) Treat all participants, staff, volunteers and spectators with fairness, respect and courtesy; (d) Refrain from the use of abusive language or conduct; and (e) After violating any of the Rules & Regulations, report such violation to the Head Referee or retire from the event.


Section 2.05 RACE CONDUCT

(a) Entire Course. Participants must cover the prescribed course in its entirety. It is the participant's responsibility to know the course. Any violation of this section, even if no advantage is gained, shall result in a DQ unless the competitor is able to place themselves back on course at the same spot they went off course. Unless determined by the Race Director Referee that the violation constituted endangerment under Section 2.4(i). In the event the Race Director makes such a determination; the penalty shall be DQ. (b) Re-entry. Upon leaving the course, a participant shall re-enter the course and continue at the same point of departure. If the Race Director in their sole discretion determines that the violation constituted endangerment under Section 2.4(i), in which case the penalty shall be DQ. (c) Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Participants shall refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, including the improper use of language or conduct directed towards participants, staff, volunteers and spectators. Violations of this Section shall result in DQ or a time penalty depending on the severity of the violation as determined by the sole discretion of the Race Director. (d) Obstruction. Participants shall refrain from intentionally or accidentally blocking, charging, obstructing, or interfering with the forward progress of another participant. Any violation of this Section shall result in a DQ. (e) Unauthorized Assistance. No participant shall accept from any person (other than a race official) physical assistance in any form, including food, drink, equipment, support, or pacing, unless an express exception has been granted and approved, in writing, by TRIIB. The receipt of information regarding the progress, times, or location of other competitors on the race course shall not be considered the acceptance of unauthorized assistance. Receiving physical support from another (other than from another competitor in the event helping to recover to a standing position) that assists in making forward progress in the race shall result in a DQ. (f) Race Numbers. Participants shall plainly display their race numbers at all times, and shall maintain the race number in an unaltered, unobstructed and readable state at the start and finish lines, and on the course. Competitors will not be allowed to start the race without their number properly displayed. Use of prior race numbers will be grounds for immediate DQ and suspension from future competitive TRIIB waves for a period as determined by TRIIB officials. (g) Abandoned Equipment. No participant shall leave any equipment or personal gear on the race course. Any violation of this section shall result in a DQ. Wrappers and other packaging may be disposed of in TRIIB designated trash bins. Littering of any kind shall result in a DQ. (h) Unauthorized Equipment. No participant shall use any equipment which the Race Director determines to be improper, including but not limited to equipment which might provide an unfair advantage or endanger other participants. No participant shall, at any time during the event, use or wear a hard cast, crampons or metal studs, outside rigging, headset, radio, personal audio device, or any other item deemed dangerous by the Race Director. Unless otherwise provided for in these Rules, any violation of this Section shall result in a DQ. (i) Endangerment. No participant shall commit any dangerous act which could cause injury to any participant. Any violation of this Section shall result in DQ. (j) Wave Starts. When the beginning of any event is commenced by starting designated "waves" or groups of participants at different times, all participants shall start in and with the proper wave or group. Any participant who violates this section by starting in an improper and earlier wave or group shall be disqualified. Any participant who starts in an incorrect wave shall be ineligible for awards.



(a) Any person who participates in any portion of an event without first properly registering and paying any required registration fee shall be suspended or barred from any TRIIB event for a period of up to one year. (b) Any person who in any way assists another athlete to violate Section 2.5a by providing a race bib to that athlete shall be suspended or barred from any TRIIB event for a period of up to one year. (c) Any second violation of this Section can result in a lifetime suspension or ban from all TRIIB events.



Penalties, including DQ and suspension, may be imposed upon race participants who violate any of these Rules & Regulations or who solicit, encourage, or assist a violation of these Rules. Except as otherwise provided in these Rules & Regulations, the specific penalty to be imposed in any given case shall depend on the nature and severity of the violation as determined by the Race Director. The following penalties may be imposed for a violation of these Rules: (a) Assessment of a time penalty; (c) Written reprimand or censure; (d) Suspension from TRIIB events (including retroactive suspension), and (e) Permanent expulsion from TRIIB Events



In addition to other penalties which may be imposed at the discretion of TRIIB, the following acts may be grounds for suspension for a period of time designated by TRIIB: (a) A flagrant or willful violation of the Rules & Regulations; (b) Gross or continued unsportsmanlike conduct; (c) Any physical violence directed toward a race official, participant, volunteer, spectator, or another person; (d) Any fraudulent act, such as falsifying name or age, filing a false affidavit or protest, or providing false information to TRIIB or race officials; (e) Intentionally participating in an event despite failure to register; (f) Repetitive or recurring violations of the Rules & Regulations; (g) Failure to notify a race official after withdrawing from a race; (h) and refusal to abide by the final determination by TRIIB of any matter relating to these Rules & Regulations.



Any person suspended from TRIIB shall be ineligible to participate in any TRIIB event and shall be disqualified from any TRIIB event during the suspension period and until that person has applied for and received written notice of reinstatement from TRIIB.



Any person who has been suspended must apply in writing to TRIIB for reinstatement after or immediately preceding expiration of the suspension period.



Any person reprimanded, censured, suspended, or expelled from TRIIB shall be entitled to receive reasonable notice of such disciplinary action.


Section 2.12 SPECTATOR

No spectators are allowed on course outside of specific zones designated for spectators. Spectators include all competitors who have already completed the course. Pacing of athletes (pacing is defined as the practice running in front of or alongside another competitor) is strictly prohibited.



(a) Unless otherwise noted in the following rule book, during pre-race instructions, or by the specific volunteer at an obstacle, all Competitors are given one attempt to complete each obstacle. What defines "an attempt" is outlined within the race specific rules that follow. However, typically once both feet have left the ground you will be considered committed to that obstacle and must complete it or take the penalty. (b) Any verbal or written race day instructions given in pre-race emails, pre-race briefings, or by volunteers and/or race marshals will supersede rules in these Rules & Regulations. (c) Obstacles are separated into 2 categories: Mandatory Obstacles and Pass/Fail obstacles. (d) Penalty for failure of Mandatory obstacles is DQ from the event. (e) Penalty for pass/fail obstacles is 25 Jumping Jacks for outdoor events defined as XC TRIIB events. (f) Jumping Jacks must be completed within the designated Jumping Jack zone. Jumping Jacks completed outside of the zone will not count toward the 25 Jumping Jack penalty. (g) Non-Jumping Jack "Obstacle Failure Penalties" may be employed at certain obstacles at specific events. These will be described in pre-race briefings or by the volunteers at these obstacles. (h) All obstacles must be attempted. An attempt, at a minimum, is defined by touching the obstacle. In other cases it may include entering the water or other difficult terrain, to get to the obstacle itself. Such terrain cannot be bypassed via penalty Jumping Jacks, unless advised as acceptable in pre-race briefings or by race day staff/volunteers. (i) Competitors may only strike bells present on ANY obstacle using their arms and hands, or any other part of their body above their chest. Using feet, legs, or knees to "kick" the bell is not allowed. Violation of this rule will be considered an obstacle failure. The competitor will not be allowed to retry the obstacle, and must complete 25 Jumping Jacks or the mandatory penalty for that obstacle. (j) In the case of obstacle failure caused by significant physical interference from an another athlete, the affected competitor may restart the obstacle with no additional penalty after receiving permission from an official. (k) Competitors cannot be within the active obstacle area except for when attempting the obstacles. (l) Obstacles may have male/female options. Where present racers are required to completed the option based on how they have signed up and are competing.



(a) In General. A time penalty may be imposed for each infraction of Section 2.13e of these rules. The penalty is 25 seconds per missed Jumping Jack up to 5 minutes or 10 reps for outdoor events. (b) Missing more than 10 Jumping Jacks at outdoor events at a single obstacle will result in a DQ.
(c) Prior to the results being considered final, an official video review process may take place. Therefore, a race's final results may not be posted on-site immediately, pending this official review. (d) Penalties found during this review may be displayed real-time on display monitors throughout the Official post-Race video review process. It is the athletes sole responsibility to check these penalty display monitors until the awards ceremony in the event they would like to protest any penalties administered by the Race Director. (e) The protest period for timing, results, DQ penalty issues and the like, ends 15 minutes prior to the award ceremony for each event. (f) Any protest a Competitor may wish to dispute with penalties, or issues that affect the race outcome, must be brought to the Race Director during this time period. In some circumstances the Race Director may extend protest periods beyond the award ceremony, at his/her discretion. (g) The Race Director reserves the right to continue penalty resolution post-event for those not present, or who are unavailable during the event. (h) It is up to the Competitor to determine if they were allocated a penalty during the event and protest it during the allowed protest period. (i) TRIIB Race reserves the right to change the standings or race day decisions indefinitely after the event, in cases of unsportsmanlike conduct and/or intentional or malicious breaking of the rules, including but not limited to, failing of any Anti-Doping and Drug Control protocol administered by TRIIB Race or a third party as designated by TRIIB Race.



Distribution of prize money shall comply with the following standards: (a) Each TRIIB Race competitor acknowledges the likelihood of Anti-Doping controls being administered at any given TRIIB Event and that he/she has reviewed and accepts the Banned Substances List of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This list can be found here: https://www.wada-ama.org/en/content/what-is-prohibited (b) Any TRIIB Race competitors who demonstrate or return a positive test for a WADA Banned Substance will be awarded the following sanctions: First offense: 2-Year Ban from all TRIIB events; Second offense: Lifetime Ban from all TRIIB events. (c) Any Elite and/or Age Group competitor with any further or specific questions, including TUE requests, should contact Customer Service at info@C55events.com.


Section 2.16 PRIZE MONEY

Distribution of prize money shall comply with the following standards: (a) When prize money is available in any event, competitors must comply with the follow rules in order to be eligible: (b) Fill out all required financial paperwork. (c) Adhere to any and all Anti-Doping controls in place at the given Race. (d) TRIIB has the right to request competitors to wear a TRIIB Finisher Shirt or an approved, unmodified alternative issued by TRIIB at its sole discretion on the podium and for the official podium photo. (e) Not adhering to any of these protocols may result in DQ from the event and forfeiting ofprize money.


Section 2.17 TIMING

The winner of each race is determined by the first person to cross the finish line of an Elite wave, regardless of when each Competitor crossed the start line. (a) Competitor times will be validated by RFID timing chips. It is the Competitor's responsibility to assure the chip is securely fastened and worn across all checkpoints on course. Missing chip times will be subject to independent review, resulting in Competitors being considered for DQ at the discretion of Race Director. (b) If a Competitor's timing chip is lost, it must be immediately reported to Timing/Results Staff upon crossing the finish. If a Competitor's timing chip is lost or a Checkpoint is not read by RFID, course marshals, may also be used to validate a Competitor's "route" on course.