Pattana Surfski with Iewan Schalk #Surf Ski

Jun 11 - Aug 31, 2021

Pattana Sports Resort, Thailand

Pattana Surfski with Iewan Schalk

This July-August, Pattana Sports Resort is launching our newest sport to the growing list of exciting activities you can try.

Surfskis are unique as it is the fastest paddlecraft on the water. If you have been searching for a great low impact workout that uses all the major muscle groups or a way to get out on the water to enjoy the incredible scenery the world has to offer, surfski paddling is a fantastic option. Surfskis can be used for either racing or touring.

In this free offer Coach Iewan will go through a full class teaching you all the basics such as getting the surfski into the water, getting in the craft and the forward stroke. In addition he will cover safety; how to remount your surfski in the event of a capsize; what clothing to wear for the conditions we experience here in Thailand; how to tour using a surfski and places to go; training tips and how to prepare for your first race.

Our Coach

Iewan (You-one) Schalk.

Coach Iewan hails from South Africa with an extensive River Canoe Marathon background in races such as The 2Day Vaal Marathon, Hansa  Fish Canoe Marathon and the 240 Km The Berg River Canoe Marathon. With 10 years Racing and 5 years Coaching experience, he wishes to share his knowledge and passion with those who want to be involved in the paddling lifestyle.


  • ICF(International Canoe Federation) Certified Canoeing coach
  • CSA(Canoe South Africa)-GCU 10502 Athlete


  • Berg Canoe Marathon 240km(RSA)
  • Hansa Fish Canoe Marathon 90km(RSA)
  • 2 Day Vaal canoe Marathon 90km (RSA)
  • Libenbergs Vlei Canoe Marathon 80km (RSA)
  • 2 Day Klip Marathon(RSA)
  • High Altitude Surfski Race (RSA)
  • Krabi Enlife SeaKayak& Surfski (THA)
  • Singapore Canoe Marathon(SGP)

Surfski every Sunday


Inc. 8 weeks + 4 gym training

5,000 THB


Afternoon Session    
Arrive and registration Basecamp
Class start Basecamp Lake
Refreshments Basecamp Cafe
Class ends
Morning Session    
Arrive and registration Basecamp
Class start Basecamp Lake
Refreshments Basecamp Cafe
Class ends
  1. You must be able to swim and tread water comfortably
  2. You must be fairly healthy with no medical conditions that will prevent moderately strenuous exercise.
  3. You accept the risks associated with the sport.