We're always on the look out for people with a spring in their step, a skip in their heart and a smile on their face. If you are fun, fit 'n' feisty, look no further.

We're C55

We’re one of the world's most recognised and exciting brands. A global group made up of 50,000 staff, in 29 countries. From credit cards to space travel, we're all about heartfelt customer service and breaking conventions.

We're in a great industry

Like a lot of Thai people, we love fitness, health and wellbeing. Our vision is to enrich people’s lives through activeness. It’s wired into our DNA and why we get up in the morning. And in doing this we want to become a valued member of our local communities.

We´re the Team

We’re a group of like-minded people, having a great time, working together. There’s nothing quite like being part of something. Especially when friends are part of it too.

We're red hot

We don’t mean to boast, but we should. We have over 243 clubs in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Australia and Singapore. We have over 20,000 staff and over 1.4 million members – we like to call them friends.